Kevin confronts Phil about the stolen motors at the car lot. Phil laughs off Kevin’s concerns and reveals that Darren knew about it all along. Kevin is furious with Darren, but he insists on helping when Kevin heads off to steal back the car from Pc Morris. Kevin tells Phil that he won’t be selling any more of his dodgy motors, but Phil threatens to make him give up the car lot.

Ronnie takes a call from Jack who wants to know how the plans for the club opening are going. Ronnie is shifty when Roxy asks her who was on the phone. Ronnie is forced to ask Phil for help when the electrics go down and Phil puts her onto an electrician. Later, Phil meets up with the electrician Leroy and hands him the two fuse plugs he took from the club. What is Phil’s game?

Shirley gets out of her date with Vinnie by announcing that she’s got a double shift at the Vic. Vinnie invites Pat for lunch instead, but Pat is angry when Vinnie turns up late and reveals that he was trying to make Shirley jealous. Vinnie is disappointed when Shirley goes home.

Also, Dawn blanks Shabnam and Carly works out that she needs glasses!

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