Kevin tells Molly it’s the end of the affair!

Sally’s all loved up after their night in a posh hotel but Kevin feels guilty knowing it was meant for him and Molly. Molly meanwhile takes her bad mood out on Tyrone and her day goes from bad to worse when Kevin tells her they must end their affair. Molly’s gutted and begs him to reconsider. When Tyrone surprises Molly with a holiday in Tenerife she feigns delight but is secretly devastated when she finds out Kevin encouraged Tyrone to book it.

Fiz is surprised when John sends her his grandmother’s engagement ring. She goes to see him and he places the engagement ring on her finger. Fiz is delighted but still can’t bring herself to tell John about the problems with Chesney.

Claire is feeling overweight and tells Ashley she’s putting them on a high fibre diet and booking them a break in Blackpool. But she isn’t happy when Ashley says he can’t go as there’s no-one to cover the shop.

Also, Pam regrets conning Bill into a date but it’s too late to get out of it; Jack suggests to an evasive Connie that he’d like to see where she lives and meet her sister; Sophie’s worried Ben won’t speak to her again.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Molly tries to get excited over her holiday but she’s gutted that Kevin wants her out of the way. Kevin admits that he can’t stay away from her and she needs to go away as they both need some space. Meanwhile, Tyrone gives Molly a beautiful silk wrap to wear on the beach but as she thanks him she is still thinking about Kevin.

Claire decides they’ll spend the money creating a play area for Freddie in the backyard rather than on a holiday and Ashley agrees. But when Ashley sends Graeme home from the butchers calling him a liability he finds that Claire has enlisted Graeme’s help in doing up the backyard. He tries to tell Claire that they can’t afford it but she won’t listen.

Fiz asks Hayley to be her witness at her wedding but Hayley refuses on the grounds Fiz hasn’t told Chesney about it. Fiz is upset, but she lies to John telling him Hayley’s delighted at the prospect of being a witness.

Also, Bill cancels his date from the personal ad and goes for a drink with Pam instead where she reveals it was her all along; Sophie’s pleased when Ben texts her asking to meet up.