Kevin tries to remain strong

Daniel leaves flowers on a gravestone; Kevin thanks him he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He confesses to Daniel that he fears everyone will hate him because he survived and Freya didn’t. Despite his colleagues thinking it’s too early, Kevin insists on coming back to work. Back in the saddle, Kevin meets positive young chronic fatigue syndrome sufferer Grace Randall and her mother Carrie.

Kevin reassures Carrie that Grace should just carry on with her exercise program. But, later, Carrie calls Kevin out because Grace has collapsed exhausted. Kevin is shocked by Grace’s optimism; Kevin asks how she does it and wonders whether she should always be so strong. Kevin leaves feeling despondent; he later tells Daniel and Jimmi that he thinks he is a coward, if life is that unfair he wants no part of it.

And when Howard helps an injured, young soldier make the transition to civvy street, will it open up old wounds of his own?