Rosie‘s in her hot pants and rollers skates on New Year’s Eve as she gets ready for work. When Molly finds out Kevin and Sally are spending New Year’s Eve in the Rovers she dresses up, hoping Kevin won’t be able to resist her. A proud Kevin watches Sally singing but Molly has a face like thunder. Molly grabs Kevin and accuses him of inventing Sally’s cancer as an excuse to dump her. Kevin’s furious and tells a devastated Molly to stay away from him in future. And as Sally and Kevin leave the pub all loved up, Molly watches quietly seething.

Steve finds out from Claire that Becky doesn’t want to have kids. He’s gutted. Steve asks Becky why she doesn’t want children. She’s evasive saying she just wouldn’t make a good mother. Steve’s upset.

Liz is disappointed with the turn out for the Rovers New Year’s Eve party but she puts on a brave face. Rosie on skates squirts the punters with cherry vodka from a water pistol. Graeme loves it.

Also, Michelle’s delighted when Jake turns up in the Rovers out of the blue; Michelle, Jake and Sophie arrive back at Michelle’s flat to find Ryan and Sian in bed together. Michelle’s embarrassed and Sophie leaves very upset.

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