News of the bone harvesting scandal has broken and there are journalists at The Mill. Meanwhile, a man, Craig, is also there, acting suspiciously. Kevin arrives, and it’s clear he’s worried about his involvement in the scandal – he did actually sign the cremation form. Howard learns that Craig isn’t a journalist, but a man who thinks his dead wife was tampered with by Marvin, and Kevin was his accomplice.

DI Driver explains everything to Craig, who thanks Kevin for exposing the truth. Kevin is hugely relieved when Driver informs him that his signing the document isn’t seen as a crime by the police – it was simply a means to an end.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe pushes Heston into seeing a patient, Paula, against his better judgement. Unfortunately, Paula is struggling with depression following her parents’ death in a car crash – this is Heston’s worst nightmare. The consultation goes terribly and Daniel has to step in. Heston rails at Mrs Tembe for interfering, leaving her mortified.