Kevin is delighted when he wakes up at home next to Lauren. They arrive at The Mill together and Lauren delights in letting Imogen and Daniel know she spent the night with Kevin. When Daniel calls Kevin to his office, Kevin thinks Daniel wants all the gossip about Lauren, but Daniel simply reminds him to keep his mind on the job. Kevin hovers around Lauren thinking they are on for another date. Just when he starts to believe it won’t happen, Lauren reels him back in to go home with her for another night of passion.

Elaine has a challenging therapy session with Oliver where she works through her denial that she has done anything wrong getting involved in Harrison. But she admits she hasn’t been sleeping as she is haunted by the thought that a child could grow up without a father because of her.

Also, when she has to deliver some unwelcome news to a man hoping to climb a mountain for charity Karen uncovers a devastating secret.