The day of Rosie‘s operation has arrived and Kevin is still furious with his eldest daughter and can’t hide his anger from her. Sophie is incredulous that her sister is going through with the boob job, but surprises her by hinting she will go with her, and turns up at the clinic. Sophie talks to Rosie about body image and the pair have a touching heart to heart. But Sophie might be fighting a lost cause with Rosie’s body image at such a low.

Steve assures Becky that nothing went on between him and Kelly while they were in the back room, but Becky is past caring. She’s still struggling to come to terms with her grief alone and eventually breaks down and confides in Roy and Hayley about the death of her mother.

Tyrone is determined to stay close to Molly and suggests a drink together. She is quick to slap him down and Tyrone is crushed – he angrily tells her that if she’s not willing to give their marriage another go he wants her out of his life for good.

Also, Joe waits until Gail has gone out before making a call to the life insurance company.

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