Kevin’s dating disaster!

Kevin’s preparing for a big night out when he receives a text. ‘I’m hot. Are you? J’ He smiles and heads to the Icon, where Jack sets out a bottle of Champagne and two glasses for Kevin and his lucky lady. When Jennifer calls to say she’ll be late and another woman, Jenny, leaves an excited voicemail message, Kevin realises that TWO women are on their way!

Kevin rang Jennifer yesterday about the date but texted Jenny to confirm the details; Jenny is his friend ‘Big’ Dave’s girlfriend. Kevin tells everyone the truth, which upsets Jenny and puts Jennifer off completely. But this is all in Kevin’s head. In reality, he and Jenny run out of the Icon to avoid Jennifer.

Kevin follows Jenny to a nightclub where he bumps into Dave, who’s sure Jenny’s seeing someone. Kevin has visions of telling Dave he’s the man he’s looking for with Dave punching him in the face. In reality, Kevin lies and tells Dave this new man is just a fantasy.

But, later, when Jennifer turns up at the club, Kevin’s forced to come clean to everyone about what he’s been up to. Except when Kevin jokingly calls them all a bunch of idiots, Dave REALLY punches him in the face!

Back at the Icon, Jennifer and Kevin finally have their date – Jennifer thought the whole thing was funny. But at the end of the night, outside her house, Jennifer realises Kevin was sending smutty texts to Jenny thinking it was her. She goes inside… and shuts the door in his face!