Kevin’s relieved to find Nadia has stopped her vigil outside the Mill, but his mind is still preoccupied with his identity. When Valerie brings in a variety of curries, Kevin overreacts – why would she assume he likes spicy food? Chris and Mandy’s innocent ‘nature vs nurture’ conversation makes Kevin explode. Jas pulls Kevin aside – does he want to talk about Nadia? He tells her to stop it.

Al’s having a day of it – everyone thinks they have bowel cancer, which means lots of rectal examinations for him. Chatting to Chris and Mandy, he realises the local newspaper has started a campaign on bowel cancer awareness. Al thinks it’s a waste of time, but Mandy disagrees – if they save only one life.

Al is obnoxious, and Mandy decides to make a stand – calling the paper to get promotional information to put up around The Mill. Al tells her this is stupid, but Mandy won’t back down and starts papering The Mill with Bowel Cancer Awareness posters.

Also, Howard finds there’s more than just love in the air at Fordbank Retirement Home.