Kevin’s goes round the houses…

When Kevin hears that Freya has been caught up at The Campus and can’t do her house calls he jumps at the chance to step in. Karen tries to go through the list and offer the map but Kevin insists he’s got it sorted; he’ll have Lola with him.

Kevin heads off with the sexy voice of his sat nav, Lola, guiding him. But Lola takes him to the wrong address for the first house call and he’s forced call Karen to ask for the postcode again. Later, when Karen and Elaine hear Lola’s voice in the background they assume Kevin has a girlfriend with him.

Lost time and again, eventually Kevin has to call Karen to guide him back to The Mill and confesses that Lola is his new smart phone sat nav app. He returns to The Mill and smashes his phone to pieces.

With Imogen’s court date looming Rob is delighted to be partnered with enthusiastic WPC Jackie Logan, but grows concerned when she appears to have been injured on duty.

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