Carly and Deano are stunned in the wake of the revelation and a devastated Deano runs off. Denise tries to console Kevin, who is distraught at the kids’ reaction. Deano takes a bottle of paraffin and heads out to the car lot with revenge in mind. But as he’s about to ignite the paraffin, Kevin arrives and stops him. Deano breaks down on his dad…

Martin is not happy about the conditions that Pauline has set and he’s angry that she’s still running his life, even from beyond the grave. Ian is unmoved and insists that Martin honour Pauline’s last wishes – that he can’t move in with Sonia. Dot encourages Martin to live his own life and Martin makes a decision. He tells Sonia he’ll lose the house to keep her but Sonia is afraid that she’ll never make him happy. She tells him that it’s over and she’s leaving Walford.

Abi is more than happy to be in on Ben’s plot to get Stella out of the picture and Abi suggests poisoning the chicken that Stella is making for their meal! Ben comes up with another plan, however, and after tricking Stella out of the flat, he turns up the oven to full. Phil is horrified to find the kitchen full of smoke and demands Stella leave the flat when she implicates Ben. Stella is gobsmacked that Phil has fallen for Ben’s tricks. Ben smiles as Stella packs her bags and goes.

Also, Dawn has had enough of the subterfuge and she insists that Rob leave May.

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