Kevin panics when Pat reveals that Shirley has told her his big secret and encourages him to be honest with Carly and Deano. Carly is worried about her dad’s strange mood and tries to trick him into revealing what’s wrong. Carly shares her worries with Deano and they confront Shirley, convinced that something is being kept from them. When Kevin turns up Carly and Deano insist that Kevin tells them the truth and he admits that he’s not their dad…

Ian comforts Martin as they head off for Pauline’s cremation and Martin is feeling guilty about turning Sonia over to the police. Martin and Ian have a meeting with the solicitor and Martin learns that he has inherited Pauline’s house in her will, but he’ll have to give it up if he lives there with Sonia!

Dawn is feeling happy since Rob’s promise that they’ll be together and she heads over to the flat to see him. Dawn feels awkward when she walks in to find May, but as soon as May leaves the flat, she kisses Rob passionately.

Also, Ben gives Stella the runaround when Phil leaves him in the care of Stella and plots to get rid of her with Abi.

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