Kevin worries whether he made the right decision in not selling up to Tony when he had the chance as it’s now got to the stage where he can’t afford to send Sophie on a school trip. Sally tells Kevin she will back him whatever he decides and he is close to giving in to Tony until Bill encourages his son and insists that he can make his business work.

Clarissa suspects that Harry is seeing Liz on the sly and decides to set him up by pretending she’s too ill to accompany him to a charity ball, knowing that he’ll invite Liz in her place. Liz is chuffed when Harry invites her, thinking she’s Harry first choice. Harry is horrified when Clarissa makes a ‘miraculous’ recovery and says she can go after all.

Janice and Leanne discuss how to get their hands on the money from the winning lottery ticket as the ticket for the syndicate was in Rosie’s name. The pair work out how to open a bank account in Rosie’s name to get their hands on the cash.

Also, Fiz is defensive when Sally insists they would all be better off without John around and snaps at a surprised Sally.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla arranges to meet up with Liam to call Tom in New York about the business talks. Tony is irritated when he catches them together and Liam bluffs that he dropped in to get some details of an accountant. Tony reminds Carla that they have been invited to a fashion awards do the following evening, but Carla blows him out and tells him if he wants eye candy on his arm he can take Rosie.

Rosie is thrilled when Tony asks her to the fashion awards and gives her money to buy herself something sexy. Sally is none too pleased about Rosie’s invite, but she has little say in the matter. Later, Rosie rocks up outside dressed in a skimpy outfit accompanied by her holiday romance Saj and puts on a show with Saj for a watching John’s benefit.

Harry spends all day trying to get Liz to cancel going to the ball, but she is determined to go and gets herself done up to the nines in a very expensive dress. Clarissa scores a double whammy by leading Harry into the Rovers, dressed for the ball, and successfully humiliates Liz and mortifies Harry.

Also, Vernon leaves Weatherfield without getting the chance to say goodbye to Liz.