Kevin’s torn between two women

After a night out at a club, Kevin finds himself fielding advances from two attractive women: Jacqui’s a sophisticated older woman, and Zoe is an equally alluring young woman. Kevin’s flattered but things get complicated when the women meet each other and he discovers they’re mother and daughter. Ever since Jacqui’s husband passed away, Jacqui and Zoe have competed for male attention. Jacqui wants to prove that she’s still got it, while Zoe’s insecure about her ability to form a relationship.

As they try to get him to choose between them, Zoe falls ill – she feels faint and has stomach cramps. Kevin tries to find out what’s wrong with her as the women continue to snipe at each other. Jacqui accuses Zoe of faking it, while Zoe accuses Jacqui of trying to poison her by putting slimming pills in her tea. Jacqui says she’d never do that, besides, the pills she’s taking are not slimming pills – they’re anti-depressants she’s been taking since her husband died and she didn’t want Zoe to know.

Eventually, Zoe admits she put the tablets in her tea herself to try and discredit her mother. When Kevin says she should be monitored in hospital and Zoe becomes tearful and frightened, Jacqui’s competitive attitude suddenly gives way to maternal concern. Kevin is forgotten as the women decide that, from now on, fighting about men will come second to looking after each other.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Toni step up the pace in their dance rehearsals, while Heston endeavours to hide his true feelings from his workmates.