Kev’s got the hots for Hannah!

Howard and Kevin head to St Phil’s to trial an Echocardiogram machine. As pretty machine operator Hannah shows them the ropes, it becomes apparent that Kev fancies the pants off Hannah – and the feeling is clearly mutual. Kevin asks Hannah out to lunch, and they join Al and Jas. Hannah is extraordinarily annoying and Jas and Al can’t wait to make their excuses, but Kevin can’t see it and invites her to stay the night at his place. That night, Jas sits awkwardly as Hannah drones on, finally seeking solace from the lovebirds in her room. It’s going to be a long weekend.

Elsewhere, Zara and Daniel face a long weekend with no sex. They decide to go to a hotel with no babysitting service, and invite some incredibly dull friends along, so there’ll be no chance to be alone. But there’s still tonight to get through and Daniel’s eyes soon fall to the chess board. The two play a game, though they can’t help but bring innuendo and lust to the table. Frustrated, they stop playing and revert to separate bedrooms. One more night down…

Also, an eccentric who refuses to take down his Christmas decorations is causing problems in his neighbourhood. Can Mandy restore peace – and save the inflatable reindeer?