Aaron Johnson stars as an ordinary New York teen who takes his comic-book obsession to the max and becomes a superhero.

Calling himself Kick-Ass, he buys a daft green and yellow suit and mask off the internet and starts crime fighting despite his lack of superpowers.

Inspiring copycats, he’s hunted by violent lowlifes, meeting up with a pair of crazed vigilantes, 11-year-old, sword-wielding Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her dad, Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) – and makes friends with another novice superhero, Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). And they soon find a nemesis in Red Mist’s dad, evil mob boss Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong).

Based on a comic by Mark Millar and John S Romita Jr, this has a dazzling, constantly surprising, brilliantly edgy and unusually challenging script by Jonathan Ross’ wife Jane Goldman and director Matthew Vaughn.

Vaughn directs like a man inspired and obsessed but, be warned, the movie crosses the line when it comes to the violence and bad language involving Moretz.