New mum Priya is going out of her mind with worry as there’s still no sign of her baby daughter Amba, who was taken for a walk by Nicola. So when Jimmy comments that his wife’s behaviour is a bit erratic these days, Priya puts two and two together and tells the police Nicola’s kidnapped her daughter!

As word and panic spreads round the village, over in the barn Nicola’s relieved when James comes along and unlocks the barn. He’s stunned to find the pair stuck inside. But when relieved Nicola strolls towards home with baby Amba, she’s shocked by the hubbub that greets her. Not least of all when the police show up and take her down to the station on suspicion of kidnap!

Elsewhere, Jai’s loving spending time alone with Archie. He’s stunned when Megan reveals she knows he’s been seeing his son, and gives him her blessing on one condition – no more secrets!