Susan’s son, MJ, is being bullied on the playground but he won’t identify the culprit. It soon becomes apparent that the bully is Juanita Solis and when Susan confronts Gabrielle over her daughter’s behaviour, their discussion gets out of hand and turns into a full-scale catfight.

After three years of absence, Danielle finally consents to bring her son, Benjamin to visit her mother, Bree. But Bree evidently doesn’t approve of the way Benjamin is being brought up – in particular that he’s a vegetarian – and convinces the six-year-old to try a hot dog or two. Unused to such foods, Benjamin is violently sick and when the truth comes out, Danielle is furious and storms out. It’s clear to Orson where the blame lies…

Times are hard for Gabrielle and she’s finally forced to sell their sports car. She buys Andrew’s old car but it breaks down almost immediately and although Gabby insists Andrew pays for the repairs, he refuses. But Andrew’s view changes when Gabby threatens to drive her car into his new sports model.

Lynette isn’t happy that Tom wants to start a garage band with Dave and manages to get his guitar ‘accidentally’ broken. But Dave talks Lynette into accepting a replacement guitar for Tom.

And Dave realises that Karen McCluskey is snooping into his past and starts to spread the idea that she might be exhibiting signs of senile dementia.