Kieron and John-Paul seek advice

Kieron and John-Paul feel guilty after spending the night together. Kieron asks Kris for advice, while John-Paul visits Hannah. Kieron’s revelation shocks Kris who can’t believe that Kieron is John-Paul’s mystery man.

Meanwhile, John-Paul can’t tell Hannah who his secret lover is, but admits that he’ll never feel the same as he did for Craig. Hannah advises John-Paul to tell his lover but he can’t face it. Kris tries to convince Kieron not to let the church stand in the way of true love but Kieron is riddled with uncertainty.

Elliot is so excited about seeing his Dad that he doesn’t wonder why Sarah is in college so late at night. He even offers Roger his own room when he mentions he’s been locked out of his office. Elliot meets Kris and Zoe at The Dog and shows them the time capsule he’s made.

But when he realises that he’s forgotten an important photograph, Elliot races back to Halls to find it. He bursts into his bedroom to find Sarah and Roger in his bed, half-dressed. Unable to deal with Sarah and Roger’s betrayal, heartbroken Elliot flees into the night.

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