Kieron discovers the truth about Niall

Kieron is heartbroken after his split from John Paul. Myra visits him and is shocked to hear that Kieron is meeting her son’s foster mum today. After speaking to Mrs Snow, Kieron is stunned to see a photograph of Myra’s son, and see that it’s Niall.

Michaela is jealous when Mike tells her he’s going away for a romantic break with Zoe. Deciding he’ll soon change his mind if she tells him she loves him, Michaela brings baby Max along to see Mike in Washed Up, with a note declaring her feelings for him. But when she sees Zoe, she quickly hides the note in the pram.

Michaela leaves, and Zoe sees the note on the floor, jumping to the conclusion that Michaela is in love with her. Zoe tells Mike to talk to Michaela, but when he confronts her, she can’t bring herself to tell him how she really feels.

Steph‘s guilt after spending the night with Niall isn’t helped by Cindy and Mandy questioning her actions. Meanwhile, Mandy tells Niall to back off but John Paul has to step in when he gets aggressive. Ashamed at what she’s done, an emotional Steph ends up fleeing the flat when Niall arrives.

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