Kieron dumps John-Paul

John-Paul is pleased when Kieron admits he told Niall about their love. But things go wrong when Mercedes winds John-Paul up so much that he ends up confessing that he slept with Kieron. Unfortunately, Kieron overhears their exchange and John-Paul is devastated when he ends their relationship there and then.

Wallowing in self pity after splitting from Steph, Max plucks up the courage to visit her for a chat. Things go well, until Steph takes delivery of a bouquet of flowers which clearly have not been sent by Max. Steph later reluctantly thanks Niall, but admits she is not ready to embark on a relationship so soon after Max. Determined to put things right, Steph tells Max the flowers were from Frankie, sent to cheer her up.

At the charity auction in the SU Bar, chaos ensues when auctioneer Kris loses control of a bidding war over a chaise-longue and Carmel is gutted when Dominic wins with a bid of one hundred pounds. Kris and Nancy banter over who was the best MC, prompting her to agree to appear on his radio show.

Also, Carmel is delighted when she discovers Calvin has booked their wedding date.

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