Uma Thurman enjoys one of her best roles as an assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s savage revenge thriller.

Shot and left for dead during a massacre on her wedding day, she awakens four years later from a coma and goes all out to find those responsible.

As she heads for Tokyo in yellow leathers with a new samurai sword and embarks on her ruthless quest, blood pours, heads roll and limbs are hacked off by the score. Lucy Liu and David Carradine (as Bill) are two of those she has in her sights and there are any number of minions to be dispatched in the most spectacular style in between.

Blending martial arts films, Spaghetti Westerns and even Japanese animation, Tarantino’s fourth movie is dazzlingly filmed and essential cinema for those with strong stomachs.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 is showing at 9.00pm on Film4 on Tuesday 26th March.