Who Killed 
Sharon Birchwood?

The quiet village of Ashtead in Surrey was rocked by the murder of 52-year-old Sharon Birchwood in December 2004.

Sharon, who suffered with ME, was strangled in a hit ordered by her debt-ridden ex-husband, Graham Birchwood.

But when DNA and CCTV proved he couldn’t have committed the crime, police were back at square one.

Here, Susanna Reid gains privileged access to police recordings made during the investigation, revealing every twist and turn of the case and how the detectives eventually solved the mystery in a most unexpected way.

Who Killed Sharon Birchwood: Police Tapes - ITV

Susanna Reid investigates the case of Sharon Birchwood

Please note this programme airs at 10.45pm in Northern Ireland.

TV Times rating: ****