Killer Cameron is questioned by the police

While the villagers deal with the cold truth that a serial killer has been living in their midst, down at the station, Cameron is questioned. He’s stunned when the detectives reveal how Debbie knew everything even at the point that he proposed to her. After he admits to killing Alex, they charge Cameron and ignore his pleas to get a message sent to Debbie. Though the police later relay his words to the single mum, Debbie throws her engagement ring in the bin.

Turning up at Dale Head to face Brenda, the misery continues for Debbie as she’s slapped round the face by the grieving mum, who refuses to believe Debbie wasn’t killer Cameron’s accomplice. Directing all her anger at Debbie, Brenda urges her to call Nikhil and tell him the grim truth that Cameron murdered his wife.

As the aftershocks of Cameron’s arrest continue, Moira’s gutted when Cain reluctantly reveals how he almost killed Cameron while Nicola’s quick to lend her support when Jimmy learns the truth about who really killed his brother.