Kim and Rachel’s wedding day arrives and Kim is stranded with a broken down car, after a last-minute trip to the jewellers to buy replacement rings. Luckily, a bike pulls up beside Kim and offers him a ride for some of the way as Brad tries to stall the girls at the Bay.

Still nowhere near the church, Kim gets a lift with the Bowls Ladies but disaster strikes when they get a flat tyre and Kim decides to walk the rest of the way. Over at the church Jack, Irene, Beth and Brad are deciding how else they can delay the service when Alf and Dan call to tell them they’ve found Kim’s car, but no sign of Kim. Rachel, Sally and Leah drive to the church but Rachel realises something is up when she sees everyone standing outside.

Kim is running as fast as he can to the church when he spots a saddled horse. Rachel is close to tears when she sees Kim in the distance on the horse – and they manage to tie the knot, much to everyone’s delight.

The couple arrive home after the reception, and as they happily fuss over baby Joe, someone knocks at the door. It’s Joe’s mum Lee.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday March 28*