Kim battles with his feelings

Rachel is shocked to learn that Kit has left the Bay and tries to cheer Kim up, thinking he’s upset because he can’t see his son. But when Kim gives her the cold shoulder, Rachel is left more confused than ever. Elsewhere in the City, Kit is worried that she’s done the right thing for Archie when she ends up in shabby, uncomfortable accommodation. When Kim rings her, she struggles to hide how devastated she’s feeling at having lost him. Meanwhile, Kim admits to Jack that he kissed Kit, and Jack advises him to tell Rachel the truth about his feelings for her.

Leah tells Rachel not to rush into things when Rachel reveals that she’s going to come clean to Kim about her relationship with Hugh. But Rachel has convinced herself that it’s the only way to save her troubled marriage, unaware that Kim, too, has decided to confess about his feelings for Kit. But when he learns Rachel slept with Hugh, Kim is furious and storms out.

Also, when Alf is pulled over by Jack for a roadside breath test, it’s revealed that his driving licence has expired. Jack reveals Alf can’t get behind the wheel again but stubborn Alf insists he’s not going to quit driving.