Kim Fox-Hubbard finds a letter that will tell her if Denise is really her sister!

The DNA results letter turns up in when Kim finds one of her bags but will she and Denise decide to look at the results or will they destroy them?

Kim finds Pearl playing with a bag and takes it off her. It’s one she hasn’t used for a while and she finds the DNA results letter inside! A nervous Kim waits for Denise to come home, having prepared for both possible outcomes.

But it backfires on her when Denise gets the wrong end of the stick. Kim sets things right with Denise, who then reveals that she doesn’t want to know if they’re biological sisters as it doesn’t matter. Will they take a peek at the results, anyway, or destroy them without looking?

Keanu is twitchy about the box he hid for Aidan in the coffin, worried that Jay will find it. Keanu tries to rescue the box but Jay catches him in the act…

Also, Tiff tries to match-make Louise and Hunter.