Kim gets spooked!

Nico sends ‘Gothboy98’ a threatening text, which spooks Kim. Later, Nico charges in to the hospital, wanting answers about Dylan. Kim freezes on the spot and later, is haunted by visions of Dylan. Nico breaks down, continuing to message ‘Gothboy98’. Kim cracks and replies that she’s sorry, leaving Nico alarmed – has ‘Gothboy98’ just made a confession?

Ziggy decides not to tell Leela about him and Tegan, leaving Tegan heartbroken. Ziggy tells Jason and Robbie about Leela’s pregnancy, while Tegan susses Leela is lying and takes her for a scan. While there, Leela comes clean to Tegan. Ziggy rushes to the hospital, thinking there’s something wrong. At the very last minute, Tegan covers for Leela and gives her and Ziggy a fake scan photo.

Holly’s laptop breaks and Jason offers to buy a new one, which Holly rejects. Robbie overhears and Holly finds a new laptop on her doorstep. Thinking it was a gift from Jason, Holly returns the laptop to Robbie, who doesn’t tell her it’s from him.

Also, Ste spots a topless Harry in The Hutch and they arrange to meet up later for a drink.