Kim has a tough decision to make

Kit is bewildered to encounter Kim at her door in the city in the middle of the night and initially won’t let him in. She eventually relents and allows him to stay the night – but the next day she takes a stand when Kim has a run-in with the landlord, before he starts to pack Kit’s things.

Later, the pair bond over Archie, and Kit realises she hasn’t moved on. She lays down the law and tells Kim she won’t see him again unless he leaves Rachel and declares his love for her. Kim reluctantly leaves her, but later has a moment of clarity and decides he’ll leave Rachel in favour of Kit and Archie.

Kit is delighted with his decision and the family head back to Summer Bay for Kim to collect his things and break the tragic news to Rachel. Sadly, Rachel sees Kim with Kit and Archie before Kim has a chance to talk to her, and she’s devastated. The couple finally talk, and Kim leaves the Bay.

Alf isn’t coping without his driver’s licence and, scared he has hereditary glaucoma, isn’t keen to visit a doctor to get his eyesight problem properly diagnosed. When Alf is finally coaxed to the doctor’s surgery, he’s told he needs further tests.

Also, Martha hires Cassie to help out at the Surf Club.