Kim is shocked at Kit’s decision

Kim is shocked by Kit’s decision to leave Summer Bay. Kit wants to go back to university, but doesn’t admit to Kim that she’s really leaving because she’s in love with him and can’t bear to watch him start a family with Rachel.

Seeing Kim is unsettled, Rachel asks if Kit’s decision to leave affects their intention to start a family. Kim is defensive, and storms out. Worried, Rachel visits Kit but frustration spills over, with Rachel accusing Kit of trying to undermine her decision to have a child. Kit angrily denies it and tells Rachel she’s only having a baby to save her marriage.

Elsewhere, Hugh bumps into Kim, and is angry when he admits he wants Rachel to put off trying for a baby for another year or two. Hugh springs to Rachel’s defence, telling Kim he’s disgusted by his attitude and doesn’t deserve to have Rachel in his life.

Hugh’s words hit home, and Kim later quietly tells Rachel that he’s been thinking – and if she still wants to start a family, he’s ready to do it. It’s the news Rachel wanted, but instead of feeling happy, she’s just confused.

Also, Leah’s brother Alex turns up in town!

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