Kim learns disturbing news about Vincent

Vincent is questioned over the disappearance of Dot’s drug dealer in her court case. As soon as he’s released on bail, he calls Ronnie and confronts her for reporting him. Donna still thinks that Kim landed Vincent in hot water, leading to an angry confrontation that Vincent has to break up. When Donna refuses to be Vincent’s alibi, he’s forced to turn to Kim, later telling her he wants to be her husband and Pearl’s father. Later at Kim’s party, Donna reveals to Kim that Vincent got rid of the drug dealer for Ronnie.

Kush’s mum Carmel is set to visit and Shabnam prepares a special dinner. After Shabnam brushes off Masood’s attempt to apologise, Masood tells Tamwar he knows where Shabnam’s daughter is. Although Tamwar warns Masood it’s a bad idea to get involved, Masood decides to make contact. When Masood is late for dinner, Shabnam learns from Tamwar what Masood is up to. Has he found his grandchild?

Ronnie is still in hospital and is increasingly jealous of Roxy’s relationship with Matthew and Charlie. Taking matters into her own hands, Ronnie summons Roxy to the hospital, telling her she wants her and Amy to leave the Square and go to live with Peggy.