Kim learns some shock truths about Denise

When Patrick tells Kim about the state Denise has been in, she’s horrified.

Kim is happy to see Patrick, but when he confronts her with the shock details of Denise’s money worries, she is completely stunned! Patrick can’t believe that she didn’t have a clue what was going on with Denise and has a go at her for not being there for her sister. Determined to set things right, Kim visits Denise, but can Denise forgive her?

Stacey has a heart to heart with Jack about Matthew, trying to make him see the reality of the situation. Determined not to lose Matthew, Jack takes drastic action…

Abi’s 21st birthday is coming up and Jay and Donna talk about ideas for a celebration. Abi is later put out when she overhears Ben saying some harsh words about her.

Meanwhile, Joyce finds out Will is freaked about living above a funeral parlour and gives Honey and Billy some advice. Also, a paranoid Steven starts tracking Lauren.