Kim struggles to keep her private life private

The gossips are still whispering about Kim Campbell’s return and want the intimate details of her personal life – especially regarding her baby daughter Grace. And when Grace’s uncle turns up, he’s ready to reveal some secrets.

As Kim struggles to keep a lid on her private life, she neglects her job. Ready to take advantage of that is Michaela White, who makes Karla Bentham a victim of her money-making scam. Can Kim regain control at school – and at home – before any damage is done?

Meanwhile, pregnant Chlo’s determination to get to university is an ambition not shared by her boyfriend Donte. Feeling threatened by Chlo’s aspirations, Donte lashes out in a destructive manner. Chlo’s horrified by his immature behaviour and wonders if he’s ready to be a father…

Janeece is also still determined to be a career girl – in the world of glamour modelling. She decides to have a boob job and her boyfriend Bolton is thrilled. But at the hospital, after the surgery, neither of them is particularly happy with the results.

Out of school, head teacher Rachel and her deputy, Eddie, find themselves competing in 10-pin bowling. They have a good time, too; such a good time that they’re a bit bowled over by each other. Are they about to add romance to their curriculum?