Will Kim’s salsa show be a hit?

Kim has a momentary panic about her salsa show after Dot drops out. But will someone else step in to save it?

Kim panics that her salsa show will be a disaster when Dot pulls out. Patrick’s upset to have lost his partner, but is there more to it? A nervous Kim arrives for the show and is grateful to Vincent when he reassures her that all will be fine.

Kush confronts Denise at the doctors’ after learning she’s pregnant. She’s terrified about what Carmel will say but Kush promises he’ll be a good dad, even if they’re not together. Denise is relieved when the doctor says that even though Denise is 47, she shouldn’t worry about the pregnancy. Denise is stunned, however, when the doctor says she’s at least 18 weeks pregnant… Meaning that the dad is not Kush – but Phil!

Sharon and Ian are in a panic when they learn that Courtney stayed out all night with Mark. After buying Mark a plane ticket home, they’re relieved to discover that nothing happened between Mark and a very drunk Courtney… close call! When Mark makes it clear he’d like to stay in Walford for a while and learn a bit about where his mum came from, Sharon and Ian awkwardly agree.

Phil is letting Jay stay but he’s not happy about, which he makes perfectly clear. While talking to Louise, Phil hears someone barge into the house and Jay calling for help…