Kirin learns the terrible truth

Pregnant Vanessa’s world is about to implode. With Kirin at the door, the nurse in the middle of a DNA test and Adam in the house, she’s panicking big time! Though she packs Adam upstairs and lets Kirin in, it doesn’t take her toyboy boyfriend long to clock the nurse, spot Adam’s mobile and unearth the scrapyard owner.

When Vanessa admits she slept with Adam when they broke up, Kirin explodes and threatens to kill him! Meanwhile, Adam runs off knowing he must tell Victoria about his betrayal immediately. But as he’s about to break the news, Kirin arrives…

Rishi is sickened by his son when he hears Rachel has been arrested and Jai has got hold of their son Archie. Disgusted by Jai’s dirty tactics, Rishi gives him a piece of his mind.

When Alicia hears Leyla has been trying to get Jacob to stand in the way of the move to Portugal she flips out at her sister who then seeks comfort… from Jai. Bernice is jumpy when Diane and Andy start grilling her about her ‘new bloke’.