Knowing Rakesh has tried to pay her off, Vanessa confides in Carly. Encouraged to address her feelings for her ex, Vanessa seeks out Kirin and fills him in. The teen is furious. At home, he collects his things, telling his deceitful dad that he’s moving in with his pregnant ex. At Vanessa’s, Kirin confesses he’s still in love with her, but admits he’s unable to help raise Adam’s child. When Priya suggests Rakesh should reveal how he tampered with the DNA results to cover up the fact Kirin is set to be a father, will the lawyer act on her advice?

At the hospital, Paddy convinces himself that his near brush with death was an accident. But when Robert visits the vet and slips up revealing that he was at the farm at the time of the horrific incident, he turns on the vet warning him that next time Paddy won’t be so lucky. Paddy insists he won’t get away with it leaving Robert under pressure to ensure his silence…

Ross can’t bear it when Pete tells him about the romantic night he had with Debbie. Unable to hold off any longer he later tells Debbie he’s going to end things with Carly so they can be together.