Kirk gets cold feet before the wedding

When Kirk overhears Agnes, Nancy and Arlene bitching about him, his confidence takes a huge knock. Meanwhile, Beth’s giddy with excitement at the thought of marrying him. However, Kirk’s nerves soon getting the better of him as he announces to the shocked stags that he can’t go through with the wedding because he’s not good enough for Beth.

Liz is disappointed to discover that Michelle’s got a date and tells her she’s worried about Steve. As Michelle and Hamish meet in the bistro they soon hit it off and as Hamish goes to kiss Michelle goodnight she clocks Steve watching from the shadows. Meanwhile, Eileen and Andrea are horrified to see how much company money Steve has blown on his kit car.

David takes a call from the police to say they’ve searched Callum’s flat.

Sean invites a delighted Billy to be his plus-one at Beth and Kirk’s wedding.