Chesney is disgusted by Fiz’s relationship with Mr Stape and he wastes no time in telling Sophie. His schoolmate is devastated by the news as she has a huge crush on her teacher and she destroys Fiz’s scooter in a fit of jealousy. When Fiz finds out what’s happened to her bike she assumes that Kirk has discovered the truth and done the damage. She furiously confronts Kirk, who is stunned to learn that she’s dating her former sweetheart John.

Claire gets a silent phone call and she’s terrified that the family is being stalked. Ashley tries to allay her fears and he insists that it was probably a wrong number, but Claire makes him bolt every door and window. Ashley is frustrated when Claire insists that the elusive Casey is trying to hurt them.

Gail insists that now that David has opted out of school, he’ll have to pay his way and get a job. She asks Audrey to give David a job at the salon, but Bill scoffs and says that David will get an easy ride. Bill finds himself railroaded into offering David a job at the builders’ yard instead.

Also, Sarah’s delighted when Gail agrees to let Jason move in.