After discovering Mickey has been traumatised by Ned’s mineshaft scrape with death, Kirsten and Ned decide to take him to Queensland to spend some quality family time alone. But Kirsten receives a tempting counter offer from Paul who wants her to meet him in Europe. What will she decide?

Rosie is understanding and supportive when Sam tells her about her bipolar disorder. Later, an emotional Dan and Sam uncover some hurtful truths during a heart to heart about their lost baby and the traumas of the past.

Aware that Carmella wants he and Oliver to bury the hatchet for good, Marco offers Oliver an olive branch. He also sets about persuading Frazer to pursue their dream of owning and running the General Store. But he keeps quiet about the fact that he still plans to run his family’s business at the same time.

Challenged by alpha male Ty Harper and humiliated by Susan’s punishments, Declan and Ringo decide to form a rock band. As they get going, Bridget is stunned by Ringo’s musical ability and accepts his offer of lessons.

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