As the child psychologist begins to assess Mickey, it’s clear Mickey’s resentment towards Janae gives Kirsten the edge in the custody case. Elsewhere, Kirsten misreads Tim’s support and tries to kiss him. But she’s humiliated when he makes it clear that their relationship is purely professional.

Meanwhile, Janae worries about the future of her relationship with Ned if they lose Mickey. However, when the psychologist announces her intention to recommend that Mickey remain with Ned and Janae, Kirsten loses it, abducting her own son and running away.

Furious at Miranda for embarrassing her on the footy field, Bridget lashes out and accuses her of stifling both her children. Surprisingly, Riley stands up for his mother, but ends up having a row with Bridget who accuses him of abandoning them all.

Having caught Karl sneaking in extra golf practice and suffering a loss of form since returning from the Gold Coast, Susan seeks secret tips from old pro Lou. However, sly Karl guesses his wife is up to something and Lou finds himself in the middle of a Kennedy showdown.