Kirsten’s back to bother Ned

Kirsten returns to Ramsay Street for Mickey, but soon realises she might have a fight on her hands to get him back from Ned. Kirsten seeks legal advice from an unwitting Toadie, who regrets it when he realises who Kirsten is. Meanwhile, Kirsten hatches a plan to kidnap Mickey.

Later, Riley’s panel van provides an unlikely source of privacy for the amorous Ned and Janae. But they’re blissfully unaware of the heartache Kirsten is about to unleash…

Karl fails to get to the office in time to remove the previously planted incriminating evidence and ends up being arrested. However, a guilt-ridden Julia courageously confesses the truth, and implicates herself and Christian as the real culprits.

Riley is finally reunited with his family, but things become tense when Steve learns he has no intention of returning to his veterinary studies. Later, Riley seeks refuge at Charlie’s before confessing to Steve that his real ambition is to be a journalist.

Wondering if Carmella is still in love with him, Oliver confronts her. She dismisses his concerns, but Oliver remains unconvinced.