Kirsty attacks Tyrone! (VIDEO)

With the factory girls in on the act Tyrone has everyone in position at No 9 when Fiz walks in with Kirsty. As they shout surprise Kirsty smiles politely. Oblivious to her annoyance Tyrone then reveals the special guests – Kirsty’s parents! They’re shocked to see she’s pregnant and Kirsty can’t contain her horror. As Ed and Pat belittle Kirsty it’s clear they don’t get on. Tyrone tries to stick up for her, but they’re clearly unimpressed by Kirsty’s choices and march out. Finally alone with Tyrone later, Kirsty flips.

It’s Stella and Karl’s anniversary, which Karl forgot. Feeling guilty he’s forced to go along with the romantic meal Stella has planned. But as Karl relaxes into the evening he realises how much he really does love Stella. Sunita’s hurt as they later head upstairs.

At work Nick sits Eva down and explains that after what she did he thinks it’s best if they break up. Gutted, Eva tries to talk Nick round. Meanwhile, Kylie tries to repair her relationship with David and the Platts attempt to put all their recent acrimony behind them.

Also, Carla worries when Peter reveals he’s attending extra AA meetings; Sean talks to Nick about Betty’s legacy.