Miles is worried that Kirsty isn’t coping after she lost it with Jai for leaving Ollie alone. Meanwhile, Kirsty tells Miles their relationship has moved too fast considering their childcare responsibilities. However, after Jai cooks Kirsty a special dinner, she decides to stay put.

Belle is reluctant to visit Roman, but guilt eventually overcomes her and she pays him a visit. But her worst fears are confirmed when she realises Aden doesn’t regret trying to kill his own father. Horrified, she tells him she can’t be with someone who could scare her as much as he did, leaving Aden devastated.

Still angry at Aden’s treatment of her, Rachel tells the doctor in charge of his psychological report that he should be locked up. But after a word with Larry, who defends his son, she has a change of heart. Starting to feel some compassion for Aden, she tells the doctor she believes Aden suffered a breakdown related to his abuse as a child.

Consequently, Aden is released on bail on the condition that he attends an adolescent clinic for counselling. But when he and Roman arrive at the clinic, they are stunned to see Melody is one of the patients…

Also, Kirsty worries about Bartlett’s acts of generosity.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday October 20*

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