Kirsty deals with Warren’s death

Kirsty’s still coming to terms with abusive husband Warren’s death and asks Adam to stay the night because she doesn’t want to be alone. But while they’re together, the pair get an unwelcome visit from DI Collins, who’s investigating Warren’s accident.

Kirsty begs Adam not to mention anything about her being a battered wife, as it will make her an object of suspicion. But DI Collins can tell that Adam’s hiding something and he reluctantly spills the beans.

To make matters worse, Kirsty later has a huge row with daughter, Nita. When she goes to check on the teenager, she finds her bedroom empty and a note on the bed… she’s run away!

Elsewhere, Jay is distressed and thinks the worst after finding a lump in his testicular area. Unable to keep his mind on the job his judgement at work is affected.

As the day continues, Jay eventually confides in Miriam who later takes him to see a doctor. And this time, Jay actually keeps his appointment…