Kirsty doubts her ability to be a teacher

Kirsty is thrilled to gain a place at University. But at her first class she feels out of place. Kirsty visits John Palmer and Trey arrives, locking them in the room. John tells Trey that Trey himself is to blame for everything. Kirsty talks to Trey and reasons with him. Miles tells her that she showed today she can connect with kids and would be crazy to give up teaching.

Sid can’t organise the most basic things and Indigo and Dexter are miserable. Indigo convinces Sid that there is no school until next week. When Indigo is cold towards Ruby and Annie, Dexter reminds her they’ll need some friends. Indigo hears about a uni party at the docks and invites the gang. When Leah hears about the party, she tells Sid he needs to pay more attention to his children.

Nicole is struggling to keep Belle’s secret. With Roman in prison, she feels like she has no one to talk to, and the pressure is building. She jumps at the chance to go to the uni party and get wasted. Ignoring Geoff’s pleas to not drink, Nicole gets hammered, and hitches a ride with a stranger, in the hope he will take her to see her dad.