Kirsty fears for runaway Nita!

Kirsty is beside herself with worry since her teenage daughter, Nita, ran away from home. And as if fearing for her daughter’s safety wasn’t already a living nightmare, DI Bain grills the nurse about Nita’s reasons for running away – clearly believing it’s linked to the recent death of her abusive husband Warren.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Kirsty, Nita is hitching to London. She gets lift with a friendly truck driver, as she wants to be as far away from her mother as possible!

Later, paramedic Jeff breaks troubling news – a critically injured 14-year-old girl, fitting Nita’s description, has been brought into the emergency department. Kirsty rushes to identify the girl and is overcome when Adam reveals the deceased victim isn’t Nita.

Nita, however, is having an ordeal of her own – she escapes the well-meaning truck driver, who was trying to persuade her to return home. But it’s a case of going from the frying pan to the fire when she finds herself trapped in a house with Allie (Helen Latham), her learning disabled brother Vincent and their deceased mother’s body!

Mother and daughter are eventually reunited when Nita is brought into casualty with minor injuries sustained while trying to flee from an upstairs window. But later Adam makes a terrible discovery – Nita confesses to him she killed her father!

Elsewhere, Jay is feeling the stress of the cancer scare and receives an unwelcome visit from Maryam. He finally realises that, with everything he has going on in his life, his grandmother will need a carer from now on.

Meanwhile, Lenny and Mads deal with an unlikely bomber and become closer as a result!