Kirsty flees to Irene’s

Kirsty turns up at Irene’s. She’s taken Ollie and run away from Kane. Kane comes after them and sees Kirsty talking to Miles. He thinks they’re back together. Little does he know, they’ve just bumped into each other. A furious Kane takes Ollie and drives off, leaving Kirsty beside herself with worry. Unaware that Kane is back in town, Miles is shocked when he finds him on his doorstep. Before Miles can even speak, Kane punches him right in the face.

Xavier asks Ruby out, but she’s worried about getting hurt again. He realises he needs to show her he’s serious. Charlie has sworn off men, especially the Austin brothers, and isn’t keen for Ruby and Xavier to get back together. Ruby tells Xavier that Hugo needs to make it up to Charlie after cancelling their date.

Alf tells Hugo that Charlie made a real effort for their date and Hugo is surprised. He talks to Charlie and she relents, saying she’ll support Ruby and Xavier. But it’s clear that she’s not interested in Hugo any more.

Colleen is organising a speed dating event. Leah agrees to take part but Roman is going to be a harder nut to crack.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 19*

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