Kirsty is struggling for cash and it becomes obvious to Carl, who offers to lend her some money. Not wanting to be beholden to Carl, Kirsty regretfully turns him down. With the financial pressures mounting, Kirsty knows she needs to find some funds from somewhere. Kat is surprised when Kirsty asks her for a job, agreeing to let Kirsty cover for Bianca while she’s away.

Dexter is angry when Sam tells him that even if he is a match, he won’t accept him as a kidney donor. When Jay and Abi find out and are shocked, Dexter realises what a big deal the operation is. Learning she’s not a match for Sam, Ava is heartbroken. She’s just as terrified of losing Dexter, too, when he confesses he’s been tested. Bowing to pressure from Ava, Dexter is about to cancel finding out the results when the consultant calls first… He’s a match!

Tamwar learns from Kat that Alice is suffering a nasty hangover after her heavy drinking the night before. Encouraged by Kat to visit her, Tamwar tries to cheer up Alice with his sock puppets! Michael is less than impressed, handing Alice painkillers and some water. Attempting to try again with Alice, Tamwar is thwarted when Michael interferes.