Kirsty is attacked!

Kirsty is grabbed by Carl’s brother Adam, who menacingly tells her he needs some money. Seeing what’s going on, Carl throws Adam to the ground. When Adam pleads that he needs to pay a debt fast, Carl agrees to help, arranging to meet him at the club. Max and Phil confront Carl after learning from Joey that he’s been dealing. Kirsty is disgusted with Carl when the police arrive to search him for drugs, while Adam has done a runner.

Lauren has her first counselling session and meets another patient, Jake (Jamie Lomas), who jokes about the counsellor as she goes in. After a difficult start, Lauren opens up, confessing she almost drank some alcohol. Lauren comes out of her session to find Jake still there, worried he put her off her session. When Lauren reassures him it was fine, Jake is clearly smitten.

Alice offers to help Tamwar get revenge on Bianca and Kat, after Tamwar wrongly believes that the pair were responsible for locking him in the portable toilet for a prank. Tamwar tells a horrified Kat and Bianca they’re on litter duty all week for damaging the toilet. A triumphant Alice hugs Tamwar but they pull away, embarrassed.