Rachel stabilises Kirsty and she is taken to hospital. Rachel and Dr Young are still concerned – Kirsty is doing better, but hasn’t recovered fully and they don’t know why. When Kirsty has an unexpected seizure, Miles wants to know what’s happened. Rachel is heartbroken when she tells him that the baby has died.

Rachel is worried bout Kirsty and wants to stay close to her, but is concerned about the effect this will have on Tony. After their recent arguments about her return to work, she’s cautious over pushing the subject. But after seeing the way Rachel handled Kirsty’s collapse, he is now convinced her return to work is the right thing. He runs into Martha, she apologises for going off at him, but he admits she was right. He’s determined to find a way to make it work.

Martha is feeling bad after having a go at Tony about Rachel’s return to work. When heading out to secure the schooner because of the bad weather, Hugo discovers it’s missing from the mooring. The next day, Angelo and Hugo head out to find the schooner sunk on a reef, but discover another boat also sunk on the reef, with a dozen dead bodies in the hold. Hugo is left shaken and in need of Martha’s support.

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